Thursday, February 28, 2013

NFL Draft: Why the Giants May Draft a DE First Again

Photo courtesy of AP. GM Jerry Reese speaks to media in January 2011

Frank Gray
BGB Editor

The New York Giants love raw talent coming out of the draft. They use it to reload their potent offense and explosive defense. All one needs to do is look at their recent draft history under GM Jerry Reese to realize that he uses the draft differently than other teams.

He has stated over and over again that when he drafts, he takes the best available player on the board at the time, regardless of need or depth. This is a very different approach as opposed to what the average NFL team does.

Most teams draft according to a plan to fill needs and voids from retiring players and departed free agents. In 2010, despite having two premiere pass rushers in Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, Reese drafted a raw, but promising DE in Jason Pierre-Paul. Last season, despite having Ahmad Bradshaw, Reese drafted David Wilson.

With that in mind, we can expect Reese and the Giants to follow this trend. They are in certain need of a top CB, O-Lineman and LB, however, according to ESPN NY, they may be targeting another DE. His name is Ezekiel Ansah.

While experts praise his skills and dub him "the next JPP", he is still raw and better compared to a very young Justin Tuck. With the possible departure of Osi Umenyiora, the D-Line is a question, but not nearly the level that their secondary is.

As stated here in a previous article, the Giants have several players still waiting in the wings to take Umenyiora's place. While Ansah's raw talent is exactly what the Giants look for and he will most likely be available when they have their first pick, is it the best option?

Conventional wisdom says no, however, Jerry Reese is anything but conventional. If Ansah or another DE is the best player still available on their board, don't be surprised if they go that route.

After all, they have done it before and will certainly not be shy about doing it again.

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