Saturday, December 15, 2012

New York Giants Playoffs: And down the stretch they come....

Frank Gray
BGB Editor

The Giants season comes to this: three games. They visit the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens before coming home to host the lowly Eagles. In the words of Meatloaf "two out of three ain't bad". If the Giants take two of those games, the division is all but theirs. There in lies the problem.

The Redskins have a much easier road to hoe facing the Browns, Eagles and the Cowboys. Dallas is equally prepared to make a run, but with a tougher final schedule. They face the Steelers, Saints and those Redskins.

If the Giants win the next two games, they could hold a distinct advantage in that final week. By that time, the Cowboys could be too far off pace to win the division but could defeat the Redskins to assist the Giants in taking the division. All of this is predicated on one simple thing: the Giants MUST win!

They have to be the team that showed up against the Siants last week while giving them a 52-27 ribbing. They can't afford to be flat like they have so many times in the past and a few times this season as well. If the team that faced the Bengals shows up in the next three weeks, we should get a comfy seat and prepare to watch the Redskins in the playoffs. It's really that simple.

It all starts tomorrow in Atlanta. The same team the Giants held to just a safety in their last game, an opening round playoff rout. If the pass rush shows up and roughs up that sturdy O-Line Atlanta has, we could see a repeat performance.

If not, Matty Ice and Co could make the Giants road to the playoffs much harder. We will see tomorrow. As these thoroughbreds known as NFC East rivals stride neck and neck toward the finish line, they are on pace for a photo finish.

Hopefully, New York will make some GIANT strides to extend their lead an close out the race.

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